International Organisation of Tariff and Transport Experts


IVT supports "Fair Transport Europe"


(Vienna in July 2016)


In recent years, the European transport market has changed dramatically. Always more people and goods and want to be transported. Competition in the liberalized rail and road transport market flourishes - not always to the benefit of employees.

Price dumping on offers is often accompanied by unreasonable wages and working conditions as well as the non-compliance with social standards. The practices are a problem for the transport sector workers, but also for law-abiding companies that are thus ousted from the competition.

We are in no way against the competition, however, this should occur only under fair conditions. Collective agreements, social and environmental standards and technical standards must be adhered to as well as legal requirements regarding driving and rest periods, if only in terms of ensuring the safety in rail and road transport.

To ensure that competition in the future fair designed and further wage and social dumping is prevented, the European Transport Workers 'Federation (ETF) has "Fair Transport Europe" called the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) into life. Europe will be collected until September 2016, at least one million signatures so that the initiative in the European Parliament is treated. For the initiative 15,000 signatures are required e.g. at Austria.

In Austria it is supported by the trade union vida, supported by the ÖBB and the new Transport Minister Jörg Leichtfried and also by us, the International Association of Tariff-Specialists" - Organization of Tariff and Transport (IVT).

At least 15,000 signatures from Austria are needed to support the initiative "Fair Transport Europe". Also Please contribute with your signature to make on the situation in the transport sector closely and to remind the policy from giving the social dumping in the EU a clear rejection. 


Secretary General of OTIF extended for another three years


(Vienna in October 2015)


Like most of our members already know, is that the IVT supported Austrian candidate, Mrs. Mag. Sylvia Leodolter, lost the election held in Berne on 29 September 2015 after honorable campaign, so that the old and the new Secretary General of OTIF Mr. Francois Davenne from France, is to be congratulated on his re-election.