International Organisation of Tariff and Transport Experts

History of the IVT

In 2011, the "International Association of Tariff-Specialists" - Organization of Tariff and Transport Experts celebrated the anniversary of his hundred-year-old existence, thus it is a long time for a hugely varied events to commemorate. The IVT is the oldest, existent and active lobbying organization of public transport situated at Austria which can not be said with some pride.

Initiated 1911 at Trieste by the then editor of the "general tariff and shipping Gazette" (ATA) Prof. Alexander Freud, later on , a national organization was founded at Vienna. Conditions at that time were favorable for the development of these two institutions and so they experienced a high inflow of members. The First World War, however, led to a significant turning point, since the collapse of the Hapsburg monarchy, the great Austria became a small state, which one prophesied to exist not for long. Nevertheless, there were plenty of experts with relevant experience which took in their hands the continuation of the association and club business. Subsequently resulted in several national groups and 1930 Vienna was the site of the First International Tarifeurkongress the metropolis of the cargo system. As a mentor of this and the following event in Prague is the name of Prof. Alexander Freud's with great ambitions. However, all of this could not be realized, since the second world war, these efforts quashed. The ban and the fact that many Jewish members had to leave the country, perished in the concentration camps of the Nazi regime or in the inferno of war testifies to the painful bloodletting, which this time was taking.

The following years began with the revival of the association's activities in Vienna and the activities of the first hour. With the re-establishment of the International Association of Tariff-Specialists (IVT) in Vienna 1970 more well-attended conferences and symposia were organized with great programs and missions. Thus it can be said that the association to contribute to the mission to develop the expertise of its members, has met continuously.

In the meantime, a change has begun. whereby the tariff and transport experts of today can not be identified with the freight calculators of the past. It is rather that demand expert who has mastered the logistics in all its facets and the sale of goods to the delivery of legal relations, those significant knowledge advantage 'becomes to market its services effectively represent. 


Vienna, March 2011

Commendatore Hon Prof. Dr. habil. rer. soc. oec. Kurt Spera

President of the International Association of Tariff-Specialists (IVT)