International Organisation of Tariff and Transport Experts


Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera – 45 years IVT presidency


In addition to the incident on the October 3, 2015 in form of the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, participants at this year's extended steering commitee meeting of the IVT at Sopron had the occasion to commemorate of another anniversary, which matter all members of the IVT directly. This applies to an event that was decisive for most of the life's work of Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera. Actually in 1970 (i.e. 45 years ago) the restoration of the the Internationaler Verband der Tarifeure (IVT) - Organization of Tariff and Transport Experts existing since 1911 but hindered by the political events from 1939 on took place. After this re-establishment of the Association in 1970, the first chairmanship had been ordered which gave Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera the leadership of the President. Then in the following, the President has been elected for a period of 4 years at the Tarifeurkongress 1972 which is the case until today.

From 1970 until today last therefore the activities of Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera as president of that institution.

As a first highlight of the reconstructed IVT at Vienna in 1972 was organising the III. International Tarifeurkongress, followed by others at Budapest, Badgastein, Sarajevo, Regensburg, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Subotica, which were complemented by international symposia at Lucerne, Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Sopron.

As events in the last years, the 100th anniversary of the IVT in Trieste, the general meeting in Koper and enlarged steering commitee meetings at Bratislava and Belgrade are highlighted.

All these and a wealth of other activities are based on the tireless dedication of Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera to the objectives of the Association and its achievement.

It should be mentioned that Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera's health created more than once difficulties in recent years. Especially the preparation time for the lastest event at Sopron was marked by an acutely occurring need heart surgery with all sorts of unpleasant side effects, and all were more than relieved that Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera could leave the hospital although weakened but overall intact and, thanks to the successful operation on well with good prospects and sufficient regaining his usual creativeness.

Although, he - according to the advice of the doctors - should still conserve, we know at the same time that the work of the Association and its events are his lifeblood.

In this sense, we wish Prof. Dr. Kurt Spera much joy and commitment as President and perhaps for some time some peace of too frequent contact with the opportunities and risks of medical services.

Christmas meeting of the Executive Committee

A few days ago a meeting of the Executive Committee of our Association was held where the Secretary General Dr. Hans Joachim Schramm reported details on the activities of the IVT and also provided future aspects of our work. In addition to the prestigious 100 year anniversary in Trieste, which was celebrated in the traditional port city and thus the place of incorporation, was also the 100 years' existence of the VdT, Vienna, now referred to as the Austrian Association of Transport Professionals, thought, also with its celebration was a strong sign of life. Subsequently, the General Assembly was mentioned in 2012 in Koper (Slovenia), where we were able to establish new valuable international contacts. We have also participated in the OTIF General Assembly, at which a new Secretary General was elected. Participation in the General Assembly of the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) completes the circle of activities, which we look back with pride on a full year of work and provide us with the impetus challenges of the coming times. The President Hon Prof. Dr. Spera Kurt put his words preceding Christmas thoughts and recalled the Austrian poet and resistance fighter Jura Soyfer, whose birthday a 100th anniversary this December. A short narrative of the life of the mntioned, who was murdered in Buchenwald concentration camp by the Nazis, has the participants very impressed and the recitation of some of his poems were able to give the conference a graceful frame. On this occasion the honorary members of the Association would Ballek Friedrich, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gürtlich and Dr. Gustav Kafka, Medal in Gold and the members of the Executive Committee Assistant Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Schramm, Claudia Kaiser, MMag. Diana Gasanova, Christian Spera, Walter Kaiser and Gerald Glaser was awarded the Medal in Silver. The latter was also co-opted as a Vice President of the Association. With the description of life experiences from the Association of the past have been driven mainly by Friedrich Ballek, the meeting ended with the desire of the participants to use all the power of the association to help shape the future of the transport sector crucial.