International Organisation of Tariff and Transport Experts

About our Organisation

Internationaler Verband der Tarifeure (IVT) - Organization of Tariff and Transport Experts was founded in 1911 in the port city of Trieste with the aim of then highly esteemed home of tariff experts in the crown lands of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and its wide-ranging neighbors. The organization, which was initially very popular, began to specialize in the creation of national organizations, of which the best known of the Verein der Tarifeure (VdT) as an association of tariff experts at Vienna. The First World War, however, prevented an envisaged expansion and it was difficult to approach after the chaos of war and the rump state of Austria to a reorganization of the association. Nevertheless it succeeded within short time to form branches in the main European centers, so that the first Tarifeurkongress 1930 in Vienna which was under the direction of Prof. Alexander Freud, a great success.

In 1937, the Second Tarifeurkongress at Prague seemed to be a high point for the professional nationals reached. But here already dark clouds over the association's actions and short time later, when Hitler invaded Austria Germany the association was banned, the Jewish members were forced to emigrate or were killed in the death mills of the Third Reich. The Association's assets and its valuable library were confiscated. The Second World War also thinned the ranks of tariff experts and valuable book collections burned in the wake of bomb attacks in Hamburg. Nevertheless, there were repeated attempts after the war to make international contacts and so in 1970 again a functioning organization could be established. Tarifeurkongresse and several symposia report on the efforts of the association of the expertise of transportation professionals and experts to raise rates. Although the tasks of the professionals have been through in recent years, a major change, shows that the complex transportation and logistics needs of today need a high level of knowledge, which is ensured through the national organizations, but also by our association.