International Organisation of Tariff and Transport Experts

Constitution (as amended in 2008) 

Name and location

§ 1

The association has the name:

"Internationaler Verband der Tarifeure"

- Organization of the tariff and transport expert

with the short name: IVT and is headquartered in Vienna

Under this name, which in French

"International Association of Tarifeurs"

- Organization of Experts of the tariff et des Transports

and in English

"International Association of Tariff-Specialists"

- Organization of Tariff and Transport Experts

- is that he is also the umbrella organization for the various national country organizations with similar aims. 


Means and ends of the association

§ 2

The association is responsible for promoting the professional interests of those physical and legal persons in all areas of transportation and logistics business operating at the international level. 


§ 3

The attainment of this end are:

a) meetings, lectures and field trips,

and occasional holding of international conferences and meetings

b) seminars for education and training

c) Participation in the work of international organizations, as far as these are concerned with the design and development of the international transport law, the conditions of carriage of goods and tariff system

d) make reports and statements in relevant matters

e) Publication of association news, technical papers and publications

f) research into the history of the freight tariff system and the former passed and currently existing clubs


Price Estimator 

§ 4

The association has no commercial focus. The means to carry out their duties come from membership fees, grants and revenue from the management of events. 



§ 5

The association is made up of:

a) Ordinary members:

- National organisations with similar aims

- Individual members

b) Connecting members

c) Supporting members

d) Corresponding members

e) Honorary members 


§ 6

Ordinary members of the Association, national associations similar problems with their own character or as an individual club members to be physical persons who deal in the course of their work tasks with the Transport and Logistics.

Connecting members can be natural persons whose membership is given to a national organization with similar tasks, but also to declare their adherence to this membership category.

Supporting members may be those physical or legal persons who express their willingness to provide financial and other support activities of the Association.

To corresponding members, individuals and institutions will be appointed, of which effective support to achieve the Association's objectives is to be expected.

Honorary members may be elected personalities, who have rendered the association aims to promote extraordinary achievements. 


§ 7

The inclusion of a regular member, connecting member or member shall be based on written promotional membership application by the Bureau decision or the ordered from the executive organ. In a rejection is an indication of reasons is not required.The appointment of corresponding members is done by the Bureau, which requires a two-thirds majority of the votes cast is required.The election of honorary members is via the Bureau's proposal by the General Assembly. 


§ 8

All members have the right to use all the facilities and organization to respond to polls and elections. The conditions for participation in field trips, international meetings and conferences sets the Bureau. 


§ 9

Ordinary members, connecting members and associate members to take in acceding to the Association the obligation to pay the annual membership fees within the current calendar year.

Payment default occurs if the defaulting Member's obligation to contribute to the 31/3 of the following calendar year has not been met. In case of default, the defaulting member in the event that a single warning is unsuccessful, no longer take him granted in § 8 of this Constitution rights. 


§ 10

The level of membership determines the General Assembly. Contributions of regular members, if there are individual members, as well as the connecting members and associate members are in fixed amounts, contributions of regular members, where are national organizations with similar aims with their own club character, in a percentage of their annual Member contributions.

For associate members and honorary members, there is no obligation to pay membership fees. 


§ 11

The withdrawal from the federation, each Member free with a notice of three months. The notice is in writing to the Bureau. The retiring director shall, connecting member or sponsoring member is obligated to pay all contributions still outstanding and the current annual subscription. 


§ 12

The Bureau has the right members, acting against the interests of the Association to a considerable degree, or as ordinary members, connecting members or associate members of the subscription by more than two calendar years in arrears shall be excluded. The exclusion shall be notified to the person concerned in writing. The expelled members shall have the right to appeal within a period of two months, the arbitral tribunal. 


Bodies of the Association

§ 13

The organs of the association are:

a) The General Assembly

b) the Bureau

c) the auditor

d) the arbitration tribunal 


General Assembly

§ 14

The Annual General Meeting will be held every fourth year. It is called at least six weeks in advance by invitation to the States at the same time the agenda. 


§ 15

The Bureau may also convene extraordinary general meetings and is committed to, within six weeks, at least one quarter of the full members seeking such stating the agenda. 


§ 16

The tasks of the meeting are:

- Receipt of the annual report on the activities of the Association

- Discharge of the Presidium

- Determine the amount of dues

- Election of the Bureau and the Auditor

- Election of honorary members; denial of honorary memberships

- Amendment of the Statutes

- Decisions on other subject on the agenda requests

- Dissolution of the Association 


§ 17

Any duly convened general meeting a quorum regardless of the number of voting members present. 


§ 18

The right to vote for national associations similar problems with a club character as ordinary members is regulated in such a way that these will be awarded for each part they represent ten members a voice. The number of shares attributable to the respective national associations of votes resulting from the paid to the association last annual membership fee.All other members have one vote each. 


§ 19

For the General Assembly may be the issue of voting cards. Decisions shall be by open vote and, as far as is otherwise provided in this Constitution, adopted by a simple majority vote.Tie, a rejection.Voting members who are unable to attend the General Assembly have the right to transfer their vote at a voting individual member or associate member. Such a transfer, the Bureau to give in writing. 


§ 20

Amendments to the Statutes must be decided with a majority of two thirds of the votes cast at minimum.The decision to dissolve the Association may be taken only in the presence of at least half of the members and by a majority of three quarters of the votes cast. 


§ 21

Each voting member shall be entitled to submit applications for the General Assembly, and such are the latest 30 days prior to the General Meeting to give the Bureau in writing. Applications are not properly introduced in the General Assembly no treatment. 


Presidium of the Association

§ 22

The Presidium of the Association shall consist of the President, several Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer and such other members.

It has to be taken care for a representative international involvement of the national associations according to their number of members to give them adequate representation. 


§ 23

The term of office of the Board members shall be four years. Re-election is possible. The Bureau has the right to amend during his term by election of members.The Bureau has also the right to members who meet by continued lack of cooperation or other circumstances beyond their rights and responsibilities as a member of the board not to exempt also during the term of their function. The dismissal has to be notified to the relevant committee member in writing. This has the right to appeal within a period of two months, the arbitral tribunal. 


§ 24

As board members can only ordinary individual members or connecting members are elected as representatives of national associations about their proposal. 


§ 25

The Bureau responsible for the management of the association and the management of the Association's assets. The Bureau has the right to form and to advise of special affairs from the middle of its members committees (Commission) that are either continuous or ordered on time. The Presidium shall adopt its rules of procedure. 


§ 26

The Bureau shall inform the members in the General Assembly on the activities and the financial management of the association.The Bureau has the end of the financial year within five months to create an income and expenditure account, including balance sheet. 


§ 27

The Bureau shall take decisions by a simple majority vote, a tie, a rejection. A quorum of the presence of at least one third of the members of the Bureau is required. 


§ 28

Documents and records notices the President, or in his absence, has been entrusted with the leadership of the association business Vice President, together with the Secretary General, or any other member of the board. 


§ 29

The President or in his absence, the body responsible for management of the business association vice president represents the association to a third party and is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Presidency and the General Assembly. 


§ 30

Notices of the Association in writing. To the individual members, or in the trade press Auditor


§ 31

The auditors are elected by the General Assembly from among the regular members for a term of four years. They may not be members of the Board and shall designate one or any of them to or as chairman, the, or the financial affairs of the Association with regard to the accuracy of the accounting and the statue proper use of the funds within four months from the issuance of the revenue and expenditure account check orders.The test report shall confirm the accuracy of the accounting and the statutes intended use or demonstrate financial management deficiencies identified or danger to the state of the Union. Unusual revenue or expenditure is particularly taking.The auditors have to report to the Bureau. The Bureau has to eliminate the identified by the auditors and financial management deficiencies showed up to take action against threats. The Bureau has informed the members about the audited income and expenditure account, if necessary in the General Assembly, in which the auditor should be involved.Persistently violates the Bureau to fulfill its reporting requirements, without the association is provided in the foreseeable future for Remedy, the auditors have to require the Bureau to convene a general meeting. Comes the Bureau not to this request, they may themselves convene a general meeting. 


Liability of the Bureau and the Auditor

§ 32

Injured a member of an association member in violation of the due care of a prudent and diligent institution Walters its legal or statutory obligations, or lawful orders of the relevant association member, it shall be liable to the Association for the resulting damages under §§ 1293 et seq Civil Code, which applies to the auditor . In assessing the scale one unpaid care work is taken into account. In addition § 24 section 2 to 4 VerG apply mutatis mutandis. 


Compensation claims

§ 33

There, §§ 25 and 26 VerG apply mutatis mutandis. 


Court of Arbitration

§ 34

Litigation matters in the Union shall be settled by arbitration. In this selects either party to an association member arbitrator and these arbitrators then select a third member as chairman. Is achieved through the choice of referee no agreement among the nominees chosen by lot.The arbitral tribunal shall take its decisions after hearing the parties, and careful consideration of the arguments of a simple majority. The decision of the judges is final. 



§ 35

The association takes in all exemption from charge claim that non-profit organizations under Austrian law (according to § 39 BAO Z. 5 as amended) entitled. 


§ 36

In case of dissolution of the Association on the Association's assets, the General Assembly convened for this purpose, acting at the request of the Bureau. 


(Version adopted on the occasion of the General Assembly 2008)